Hey there, November! 👋

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash ↗

Just wanted to say hello before you left.

What could I do without you, November?

You gave me fancy highs and gloomy lows.

Winter blues and new-age hopes.

When I thought I had you; December came and I found me -

all by myself.

So it was all in my head?

I heard His voice, He said - "come" - so I went.

I carried my bed and walked as He led.

When I trust in His help; I will never despair.

Done with my fears; to hell with their snares.

Home at the end; a year in the rear.

Welp! Am I now a poet?!

Well, a pen always helps.

And, paper as well.

When - "pray, do tell", your lover declares.

And that's what she said.

Oh well, that infers -

I'm now on the edge.

But I have to digress; the new month is here.

Hey there, December! 👋

The 12th of its peers.

The end of the year.

The month of His birth.

The last 'fore the next.

Will you be my fort?

As I repel this front.

Will the Force be with me?

As the fourth comes to be.

Oh well, we shall see...

Yes, it's hope that kills.

But what shall we see?

If we throw hope to the wind.

Shall we go down to the sea -

and lay down to sink?

Hey Lon,

It's time for another run.

We've circled the sun.

The clock hand has turned.

[Lon] Thanks, subconscious!

I do feel the urge.

To go on a splurge.

But I'm quite broke.

So I'll just stay home.

It's the D-day.

New age, same me.

New plans, same acts.

New year, same scenes.

New pals, same fans.

Insane rhymes 😎.

Insane times.

Same facts - to a sane mind.

Well, there comes the end.

My watch works too well.

I wish y'all would tell, what great times we had.

But don't get too jammed, with things that don't count.

Just pour some red wine 🍷, and toast to good times! 🥂

Photo by nate rayfield on Unsplash

Photo by nate rayfield on Unsplash ↗

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