End of the road


End of Fork in the road

Is it really the end of the road?

Or could it simply be a fork in your path?

Will you choose to lay down and let go?

To "go gently into that goodnight?"

When you can rage - "rage against the dying of the light"

What if I told you you could choose to leave another day?

That you could tell the dusk, "not today!"

And you can choose to chart a new course.

Make up your mind, then make the necessary changes.

Gird up and start a new journey.

Who told you this was "momento mori"?!

So why do you tell yourself that?

Shouldn't you be your greatest ally?

Don't you know you're what you think?

Who you speak yourself to be?

Many men have gone through this and more, and forged a better after!

Why feel sorry for yourself?

You "ever saw a wild thing sorry for itself"?

© Lon Ilesanmi.RSS