My 2023 Playlist


Peace (opens in a new tab) | Mohbad

I fell in love with Mohbad's new music style with Peace and Ask About me. I was crushed to hear of his passing

La Dueña del Swing (opens in a new tab) | Los Hermanos Rosario

I randomly stumbled upon this song on Taylour Paige's IG (opens in a new tab). I was hooked by the dance but stayed for the song

Mama Cry (opens in a new tab) & Blue Balenciagas (opens in a new tab) | YNW Melly

These made me appreciate Melly's voice even more than before. In addition, his way of linking his songs to reality is top! Think of Murder on my mind (more to come)

However, I then ended up browsing the tragic story of how he allegedly shot and killed his best friends (who incidentally appeared in the music video)

Really tragic mix of a blessing and a curse

Viva La Vida (Live) (opens in a new tab) | Coldplay

Not a new song to me, but I re-discovered it this year and it kept me up on some long and dull nights

Stay (opens in a new tab) | Justin Bieber & The Kid Laroi

Instrumental (opens in a new tab)

I love this song mainly for the beat, especially the first couple seconds. I ended up putting some beat remixes on repeat way more than the original song

Back in Blood Remix (opens in a new tab) (feat. King Von)

Boy, I just fast-forward to Von's part cos that's what got me hooked. Dope mix!

Don't Let the Old Man In (opens in a new tab) | Toby Keith

I can't believe I only discovered Clint Eastwood this year! But man, the Mule was such a dope watch.

Finding this gold there was as close to finding "Sharing the night together" at the end of El amino

This song then led me to drafting this playlist (opens in a new tab)

Seven Spanish Angels (opens in a new tab) | Ray Charles & Willie Nelson

The story of this song left me wondering how many people of old had embraced one last time knowing death was waiting just outside the door.

What was going through their minds? Some trickle of hope? Resignation? Conviction of meeting soon in the after-life? "I had it coming anyway"? "Fuck it"?

Pancho and Lefty (opens in a new tab)

This one reminded me of good times reading the exploits Dusty Fog and Loncey Ysabel from J.T. Edson's floating outfit series (opens in a new tab)

Honorable Mentions

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